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Why choose Mesa

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Save up to 20% on electric bills

Mesa pays for itself in under 2 years, on average. The system is built to offer personalized dashboards without the steep cost of custom integrations. That’s why Mesa is more affordable than similar products on the market.

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Install quickly and easily

Unlike other products, Mesa is plug and play. The pre-commissioned kit comes complete with an easy installation guide adapted to your office space, and you can quickly do the rest.

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Improve tenant comfort

Mesa comes with an app for your building’s tenants. It helps create a more comfortable office environment based on their ongoing feedback, driving efficiency and sustainability.

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Gain real-time visibility and control

Mesa makes it easy to adjust energy systems from anywhere. It can determine when to preheat or precool a space, adapt temperatures, and reduce power consumption. No more worrying about leaving the air-conditioning on.

Start saving energy today

How it works

Mesa’s sensor suite collects data about your office environment in a privacy-preserving way, and its proprietary software optimizes energy use to save on energy bills and cut waste.

Mesa is compatible with nearly all existing tenant spaces that use a thermostat to directly control building HVAC.

How Mesa helps:

  • Increases energy efficiency by adjusting heating and cooling systems based on a building’s thermal dynamics, tenant feedback, and occupancy levels
  • Turns off power outlets based on occupancy and whether or not an appliance is in use
  • Detects irregular usage and sends timely maintenance alerts
  • Empowers sustainability practices
  • Improves thermal comfort for tenants
  • Keep tenants happy with a user-friendly app that lets tenants provide comfort feedback

Mesa mobile app for tenants

Give tenants insight into how Mesa is working within their space

What comes in the kit

Every Mesa kit comes with easy-install, clearly labeled devices customized to your space — plus the support of a dedicated technical engineer.

*Starred devices are delivered in partnership with Disruptive Technologies. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Mesa kits include quality-tested, best-in-class devices; pilot packaging and kit devices may vary.

See how much your office spaces could save

Use the calculator to determine your electric bill savings with Mesa.


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